Prostate cancer found in 2000-year-old Mummy

A 2150-year-old Egyptian mummy, catalogued as M1, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, a new.

Drone aircraft that can stay in air for 4 days set for maiden flight

A revolutionary drone aircraft that can stay in the air for four days at 65,000.

Couple skeleton holding hands found in Italy

A pair of 1,500-year-old skeletons holding hands was found recently in central-northern Italy

Traces of ancient civilisation found in Chinese desert

Archaeologists have discovered 10 sites of ancient civilisation in the Badain Jaran desert, China’s third.

Ancient human remains found in Sardinia

A group of speleologists in western Sardinia have discovered human and animal remains believed to.

Ancient Mayan road buried by volcanic ash unearthed in El Salvador

Archaeologists excavating a Maya village in El Salvador buried by a volcanic eruption 1,400 years.

‘Utopian’ floating city that shows promises of future life at sea

A British company has unveiled a graphic of a floating island that could be the.

Climatic fluctuations drove key events in human evolution

Research at the University of Liverpool has found that periods of rapid fluctuation in temperature.

Strange stone structures similar to Peru’s ‘Nazca Lines’ discovered in Middle East

Thousands of patterns, almost look-alike of Peru’s archaic Nazca Lines, have been found in the.

2,000-year-old palace discovered in Mexico

A team of Mexican specialists discovered remnants of a 2,000-year-old Mayan palace at an archaeological