Bulgarian archaeologist claims he found the ancient ‘Temple of Dionysus’

A Bulgarian archaeologist has presented new finds from the Ancient Thracian and medieval fortress of.

Ossuary at David and Goliath battle site offers clues to Jesus’ crucifixion

A 2000-year-old burial box found in the Valley of Elah, southwest of Jerusalem – the.

First century B.C. Roman shipwreck that carried wine jars found

A 98 foot-long Roman cargo ship dating to the first century B.C. has been found.

50,000 palm-leaf manuscripts ‘pages’ preserved in Tibet

More than 50,000 “pages” of palm-leaf manuscripts, written in Sanskrit and other ancient Indian languages,

Legendary lost Roman amphitheatre unearthed on Yorkshire hilltop

A team of researchers from the Cambridge University has ended centuries of speculation as to.

Ancient bird fossil found in China

A fossil of a bird dating back to seven million years was discovered in northwest.

Rare Hercules statue found

A rare statue of Hercules, the Greek demigod who was ordered to undertake 12 superhuman.

Evidence suggesting the palace of Emperor Constantine I unearthed in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have uncovered evidence, suggesting the palace of Byzantine Emperor Constantine

25,000-year-old pendant found in Spain

A pendant some 25,000-years old has been found in northern Spain’s Basque region by archaeologists.

3,000-yr-old lion adorning citadel gate complex found in Turkey

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a monumental gate complex adorned with stone sculptures, including.