Mars’ atmosphere well protected from the solar wind

Despite the absence of a global Earth-like magnetic dipole, the Martian atmosphere is well protected.

Curiosity rover clicks serene sunset on Mars

In what could be a perfect desktop or smartphone screensaver for millions on the Earth,.

Water on Mars more acidic than previously thought

A new Martian sample taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover hints at water that was more.

Curiosity set to drill into crystal-rich rock on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is all set to drill into a crystal-rich rock on the.

mars rover on top
NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Climbs to High Point on Rim

After completing two drives this week, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has paused to photograph.

Mars Seed
Portuguese team gets to send first living organisms to Mars

Portuguese team Seed has won the Mars One competition and the right to send the.

Scientists plan to grow lettuce on Mars

A British-led group is planning to grow lettuce on the Red Planet for future dwellers,.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover measured a tenfold spike in methane

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has measured a tenfold spike in methane, an organic chemical, in.

Martian rock reveals new clues about Earth’s history

A new analysis of a Martian rock has revealed a record of our planet’s climate.

Glaciers flowed through the Grand Canyon of Mars?

Using satellite images, researchers for the first time have identified the first mineralogical evidence of.