Water on Mars more acidic than previously thought

A new Martian sample taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover hints at water that was more.

NASA clicks closest ever snap of dwarf planet

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has acquired the latest and closest-yet snapshot of the mysterious world of.

NASA spacecraft sends historic Pluto images

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has sent its first stunning images of Pluto as the probe.

NASA SMAP launch
NASA Launches Groundbreaking Soil Moisture Mapping Satellite

NASA successfully launched its first Earth satellite designed to collect global observations of the vital.

Kepler 444
Ancient star with five Earth-size planets discovered

After analysing over four years of data from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, a team of astronomers.

Simulated Mars mission gutted in fire

A simulated Mars mission held in the Utah desert in the US came to an.

‘Super Saturn’ with gigantic ring system found

Astronomers have found that the ring system they saw eclipsing a very young Sun-like star.

robotic arm iss
Robotic arms install remote-sensing instrument on ISS

Robotic flight controllers have successfully installed NASA’s Cloud Aerosol Transport System (CATS) aboard the International.

Final attempt to hunt for missing comet lander

In its final attempt to find the missing comet lander, scientists at the European Space.

Cosmic radio burst caught red-handed

A short, sharp flash of radio waves from a mysterious source up to 5.5 billion.