NASA drone captures Orion splash down

A drone detected NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Orion splash down into the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) to make cryogenic engine for Indian space Agency

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) Monday said it will manufacture cryogenic engine to launch heavy rockets.

Satellite sends image to Earth using laser beam

For the first time, an image taken by a satellite has been sent to Earth.

NASA eyes clouds, dust from space station

To investigate the composition of clouds and tiny airborne particles like dust, smoke and other.

NASA to study climate change from the sky

Starting 2015, NASA will send five new airborne field campaigns to the skies to investigate.

Indian navigational satellite’s launch postponed

The launch of India’s third navigational satellite IRNSS-1C has been postponed by a week, the.

moon close up
‘Man in the moon’ likely created by volcano

The Ocean of Storms on the near side of the moon, a giant basin often.

NASA spots mysterious feature on Titan’s sea

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is closely monitoring the evolution of a mysterious feature in a large.

NASA app teaches kids about rocket launches

The US space agency NASA has launched a new app to make children aware of.

Glaciers flowed through the Grand Canyon of Mars?

Using satellite images, researchers for the first time have identified the first mineralogical evidence of.