‘Super Saturn’ with gigantic ring system found

Astronomers have found that the ring system they saw eclipsing a very young Sun-like star.

robotic arm iss
Robotic arms install remote-sensing instrument on ISS

Robotic flight controllers have successfully installed NASA’s Cloud Aerosol Transport System (CATS) aboard the International.

Final attempt to hunt for missing comet lander

In its final attempt to find the missing comet lander, scientists at the European Space.

Cosmic radio burst caught red-handed

A short, sharp flash of radio waves from a mysterious source up to 5.5 billion.

nasa microsoft
NASA to collaborate with Microsoft to ‘Work on Mars’

NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to develop software called OnSight, a new technology that.

smallest laser
Researchers create a rice grain-sized laser powered by single electrons 

Princeton University researchers have built a rice grain-sized laser powered by single electrons tunneling through.

galactic hailstorm
Astronomers study galactic ‘hailstorm’ in early universe

Astronomers have looked back nearly 13 billion years, when the universe was less than 10.

3 super earths K2
Three super Earths found orbiting nearby star

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, despite being hobbled by the loss of critical guidance systems, has.

Lost Mars probe found by NASA orbiter

A Mars robot, Beagle2, which lost radio contact while trying to make a soft touchdown.

Exoplanets more hospitable to life

Exoplanets – planets outside our solar system – are more likely to have water and.