Computer simulation of the universe to create realistic galaxies

An international team of astronomers, based at Durham University and Leiden University in the Netherlands

NASA looks for high-tech airships

NASA has called for designs of an airship that can fly at altitudes higher than.

Can planes be made disappearance-proof?

The year that went by was particularly bad for the aviation industry with a plane. launches fog impact predictor

In order to help innumerable Indian railway passengers who get harassed due to the inordinate.

ISS astronauts celebrate New Year’s eve 16 times

The crew of Expedition 42 orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station celebrated

parasite egg celtic
Parasite Eggs From the Celtic Period Found in Basel

Archaeologists from the University of Basel discovered eggs of intestinal parasites in samples from the.

NASA’s giant leaps to space in 2014

Apart from Orion’s test flight towards Mars, cutting-edge scientific discoveries while studying the Earth

Body-worn cameras control use of force

A study has found that body-worn video technology is most effective in preventing escalation during.

Merry Christmas, NASA astronauts say from space

The stockings are out, the tree is up and Christmas celebrations are on in the.

NASA Commercial Crew Partners Complete 23 Milestones in 2014

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and the agency’s industry partners completed 23 agreement and contract milestones.