Researchers developed a safer method for monitoring nuclear waste

German researchers have made calculations to ascertain the neutrino radiation of spent nuclear fuel emits..

Tiny speakers break a barrier for sound

In any orchestra, the lowest notes are made by the largest instruments; for example, in.

How ‘sixth sense’ in fishes allows them to detect flows of water revealed

A new study has provided a deeper insight into how “sixth sense” in fishes allows.

Graphene displays clear prospects for flexible electronics

Semi-transparent, flexible electronics are no longer just science-fiction thanks to graphene’s unique properties

High-energy physics gets a $235 mn leg-up in India

High-energy physics in India is set for a Rs.1,500 crore ($235 million) boost in the.

levitation of polystryene 2
A new acoustic levitation device to transport dangerous parts without touching them

A team of researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil has developed a.

The Big Bang theory to be probed from Antarctica

A set of six telescopes collectively known as Spider – Sub-orbital Polarimeter for Inflation, Dust.

Researchers Design Future Batteries Based on Lithium-Sulfur with a Graphene Wrapper

What do you get when you wrap a thin sheet of the “wonder material” graphene.

Lead islands in a sea of graphene magnetise the material of the future

Researchers in Spain have discovered that if lead atoms are intercalated on a graphene sheet,.

Researchers detect possible signal from dark matter

By analysing X-rays emitted by two celestial objects, scientists have detected an unusual signal that.