New manufacturing technique for spray-on solar cells

In a major step toward making spray-on solar cells easy and cheap to manufacture, researchers.

Engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space

Stanford engineers have invented a revolutionary coating material that can help cool buildings, even on.

Singapore to Invest $100 million in Photonics Research Institute

The next generation of ultra-fast Internet or ground-breaking electronic circuits, powered by light instead of

Tiny, flapping flags to generate wind power

Can the friction of tiny flapping flags harvest wind power? Yes, say researchers

Lasers recreate supernova explosion in lab!

Scientists have now devised a method to study supernova explosions, a stellar explosion that briefly.

Feeling hot? Make the clouds rain

Days are not far when we would be able to summon a shower from the.

LED bulbs can make your white shirt ineffective!

If you bring your white shirts under an LED bulb to see how white they.

Waste sulphur to produce cheap infra-red devices

In a major breakthrough, scientists have found that waste sulphur can be transformed into cheap.

Redirecting sunlight to illuminate narrow streets

In a novel way to provide some natural light in dense urban centres with tall.

Device to make faster, cooler computers is here

Here comes an optical device that may lead to new and more powerful computers that.