First images of Landau levels revealed

Physicists have directly imaged Landau Levels – the quantum levels that determine

Ultra fast optical amplifier: silicon and erbium on one chip for the first time

Within optical microchips, light finds its way through channels, waveguides, made of silicon.

Glass-free 3D screens come closer to reality

You may soon have to do away with your 3D glasses, as researchers including one.

`Messy` experiment helps solve physics mystery of cornstarch

Cornstarch, which is bought by most people to make custard and gravy, has been used.

Batman would crash and die trying to land with cape in real life

Batman would probably die if he tried to land safely in real life, say scientists

1947 Roswell ‘UFO’ landing `really happened`

A long-serving CIA agent has revealed a hidden file on the Roswell ‘UFO’ incident that.

`MRI` of sun’s interior plasma motions created

Researchers, including one of Indian origin, have created an “MRI” of the Sun’s interior plasma.

Solar-powered aircraft lands in Spain after 17-hour flight

A plane, which was exclusively using the sun’s energy, has touched down in Spain after.

Experts weigh in on `God particle` discovery

Two lead Caltech physicists, who were involved in the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment to.

New evidence points to rapidly spinning super-dense star

Researchers have found evidence for what may be the fastest moving pulsar ever seen, using.