Paintable battery could end traditional packaging for storage devices

Researchers including one of an Indian origin at Rice University have developed a lithium-ion battery.

Now, unbeatable robot that wins every hand of ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’

Scientists have designed a robotic hand that beats people at ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’ every single.

Over half of inhaled diesel soot gets deposited in lungs

Soot particles contained in the exhaust from diesel-fuelled vehicles, wood fires and coal-driven power stations.

Microscopic diamonds in detergents help remove stains more effectively

Adding small amounts of nanodiamonds ? pieces of carbon less than a ten-thousandth of the.

New device to produce energy from sea waves

Researchers from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal have designed and simulated a new.

Its official! `Doubly magic` Tin-100 has fastest beta decay of all atomic nuclei

According to the shell model of nuclear physics, 50 is a “magic number” that gives.

NASA’s WMAP satellite finds no evidence of`knots` in space

Theories of the primordial Universe predict the existence of knots in the fabric of space.

Magnetic fields decelerate stars

The existence of a magnetic effect that could explain why solar-like stars spin very slowly.

ESO set to build world’s biggest telescope

The ESO Council has approved the start of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) Programme.

China builds nuclear waste processor

A company has started building the first China-made reactor to process radioactive nuclear