First hint of the Higgs boson particle

Particle physicists at Mainz University are excited: 50 years after its prediction, the Higgs boson.

Epic `God particle` discovery now ‘closer than ever’

Holy Grail of high-energy physics — the predicted but elusive Higgs boson — is almost.

‘3-D’ transistors bring faster circuits and lighter laptops closer to reality

Scientists have created a new type of transistor made from a material that could replace.

Latest evidence for ‘elusive’ ‘God Particle’ may provide strongest hints yet

The search for the elusive ‘God Particle’ may be nearing its end as scientists are.

Soon, TV that obeys voice commands and gestures!

Apple computer company is devising a new television, nicknamed the iTV, that not only hears.

Tiny flame sheds new light on supernova explosions

A team of researchers has gained new insights into the titanic forces that drive Type.

Doubts linger on faster-than-light neutrinos experiment

The concept of sub atomic particles, neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light has.

Now, butterfly wings inspired water-repellent silicon surface

The ingenious engineering of the brilliant blue wings of the mountain swallowtail (Papilio ulysses) have.

Einstein’s theory questioned as speed of light is broken again

The team of physicists, who had announced that Einstein’ theory of special relativity is wrong,.

Light created from vacuum disproves ‘empty nothingness’ myth

Scientists at Chalmers have successfully created light from vacuum – observing an effect first predicted.