Coming soon: 10X more effective smartphone batteries

Batteries for phones and laptops could soon recharge ten times faster and hold up to.

LHC’s particles decay discovery could herald `new physics`

Large Hadron Collider researchers studying decays of particles may have discovered the first “new physics”.

Orbital solar power plants may help meet global power needs

The sun’s abundant energy, if harvested in space, could provide a cost-effective way of meeting.

Ionised plasma can act as cheap sterilizers for developing world

Ionised plasmas like those in neon lights and plasma TVs not only can sterilize water,.

New tool converts 2-D Patterns to 3-D Objects using light

Researchers have now come up with an innovative way to convert 2-D Patterns Into 3-D.

Soon, $100 sewage disposal system for Third World countries

A US researcher has come up with a proposal to develop a simple sewage disposal.

Organic cells bring flexible solar devices closer to reality

Scientists have developed an energy efficient organic small-molecule solar cell, taking a step ahead in.

Flexible memory brings ‘bendable and attachable’ computers ‘closer to reality’

Researchers at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (KAIST) have developed a fully functional.

Gecko-inspired tank robot climbs up walls with ease

Drawing inspiration from geckos, scientists have built a tank-like robot that has the ability to.

Soon, world’s most efficient flexible OLED on plastic!

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that enable a.