Soon, ‘supra’ plastic that heals itself when broken or cut

Dutch scientists have come up with a self mending plastic, dubbed ‘Supra B’ that heals.

Small particle could reveal one of physics’ greatest mysteries

A theoretical physicist has proposed that experiments with a small particle called a deuteron could.

New cloaking device ‘can erase history’ by hiding event in time

US researchers have successfully demonstrated a so-called “history editor” cloaking device that is able to.

Over 2 dozen new free-floating ‘failed stars’ discovered

An international team of astronomers has discovered over two dozen new free-floating brown dwarfs –.

Energy levels of Crab Pulsar emissions higher than expected

An international team of astrophysicists has spotted pulsed gamma ray emissions coming from the Crab.

Scientist proves ‘mythical’ triple rainbows actually exist

A scientist has confirmed the occurrence of a mythical phenomenon, called tertiary rainbows – three.

Subaru Telescope discovers most distant and ancient supernovae samples

An international team of scientists has assembled the largest sample ever found of the most.

World’s largest telescope underway to spot aliens

British scientists have taken on the leading role in building critical scientific instruments for the.

Most accurate digital model ever produced of Stonehenge unveiled

Researchers have released the most accurate digital model ever produced of Stonehenge using the latest.

The machine that turns typed words into ‘heady cocktails’!

A Russian man nicknamed Morskoiboy has made a machine, which turns words into cocktails