Mind-controlled car developed by scientists

No need to hold the steering wheel or step on the gas, Chinese scientists have.

Indian scientists turn coconut oil into biofuel

Scientists who have been running the four-stroke diesel engine of a light pick-up truck on.

Fire Proof Jet
Researchers develop fireproof coating for Business Jets

A new coating protects business jet interiors against fire.

Innate behaviour determines how we steer our car

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have solved a 70 year old mystery in traffic.

Can planes be made disappearance-proof?

The year that went by was particularly bad for the aviation industry with a plane.

RailYatri.in launches fog impact predictor

In order to help innumerable Indian railway passengers who get harassed due to the inordinate.

Google revealed the prototype for its first self-driving car

Google today revealed the first prototype of its self-driving car.

China releases design specifications for high speed rail links

China’s National Railway Administration (NRA) Monday officially unveiled the country’s first design specification standards

Battery powered passenger jets expected in 15 years

Move over electric cars. Plan a family trip on a private electricity-powered jet instead

Emirates Airline builds its own aircraft

Emirates Airline, which normally makes the headlines for buying aircraft, has decided to build one