Japanese scientists create ‘transparent’ car

Japanese scientists have created a “transparent” car akin to Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish, which becomes

Insulating high-speed tracks against freezing, thawing

Researchers are helping high-speed rail systems handle the stress of freezing

3-D printed airplane takes test flight

University of Virginia engineering students have built an unmanned aerial vehicle

China tests world’s fastest alpine railway

China Monday showcased the world’s first alpine high-speed rail line, which threads through the country’s.

World’s lowest roadworthy car is 45 cm tall

The world’s smallest car measures just 45.2 cm tall. Mirai, which means

`Intelligent co-pilot` for cars that keeps drivers safe developed

Engineers have developed a new semiautonomous safety system that uses an onboard camera and laser.

Indian origin researcher’s smart headlights that lets drivers see through rain

While driving in the rain, or when there is snow fall, visibility sometimes gets worse.

Soon, electric cars to be powered through tyres

A team of researchers from Japan has come up with a method of sending electricity.

Blow-up seatbelt promises greater crash protection in rear car seats

Seatbelts that inflate in less than 40 milliseconds are to be fitted in cars in.

Crash risk for drivers on mobile may be overplayed

Talking on mobile phone while driving doesn’t increase chances of a crash, a new study.