Force India F1 team co-owner brain behind 13,750mph space jet!

A spaceship that can cover 10,500 miles in just one hour and 45 minutes is.

Ford unveils E-bike concept with Formula 1 car tech

American automaker Ford has unveiled its E-bike concept, which is based on the technology used.

BMW mulling replacing LED headlights with laser ones

German car maker BMW is reportedly developing laser headlights to replace the traditional light emitting.

Coming soon, thorium-powered car that could last for 300,000 miles

A U.S. Company has announced a new design for a thorium engine that could be.

Soundless car engines to be pumped up as they pose danger to pedestrians

Car engines that do not make too much noise are set to be pumped up,.

Coming soon: lightweight, fuel-efficient electric car ‘MUTE’

Germany-based Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) is rolling out ‘MUTE’ a purely electric, energy-efficient city car,.

Bus commuters ‘walk nearly 300 miles a year’

Commuters catching the bus walk nearly 300 miles a year, a new research has revealed

Audi’s bizarre concept car – Spyder, unveiled!

German motor giant Audi has unveiled its bizarre new concept car at the Frankfurt International.

Now, electronic system in car will force teens to drive safely, lower stereo volume

Worried about your teenage son or daughter driving your car? Well worry no more, as.

Volkswagen set to reveal zero emission one-seater electric car

Despite being aware of the failures to introduce single-seater cars in the past, Volkswagen is.