‘Boozer’ electric vehicle sets world record for longest drive

An experimental electric vehicle, dubbed the “Schluckspecht” (German word for “boozer”), has set the record.

US security expert claims he can unlock cars by sending a text message

An American security consultant has claimed that he can unlock thousands of cars simply by.

Soon, cars that tell you to take the bus or risk getting late!

Cars will soon be able to calculate whether the traffic jam you’re in will make.

Older drivers more likely to help broken down motorists

Older drivers are much more likely to help in the event of a car breakdown,.

Briton builds world’s longest motobike

A Briton is all set for a new Guinness world record for the longest motorbike.

Soon, a sensor to help cars see even in fog or darkness

Researchers have developed an optical sensor for a car’s windshield that can even tell the.

OSU aiming to break its own record of fastest land speed vehicle

A team of engineering students at the Ohio State University’s (OSU) Center for Automotive Research.

Soon, cars that can ‘see and communicate’ to prevent crashes!

Mechanical engineers are working to develop intelligent onboard transportation systems that can prevent car crashes.

A combo of car, boat and submarine by 2040!

James Bond’s amphibious Lotus Esprit plunging into the Sardinian sea could now be a reality.

Now, balance on your unicycle while staying in one spot!

Existing mono-wheel motorcycles in which the rider sits inside a giant rotating wheel and steers.