Now, a futuristic ‘hovercraft car’ that drives on roads, sand – and water!

In what has come as China’s reply to Japan’s levitating locomotive, the ‘Volkswagen Aqua’ born.

Now, feel the swerve in your seat round a bend in a virtual car race!

A team of scientists headed by Ivan Poupyrev from Disney Research, Pittsburgh has developed a.

‘Guitar Hero’ contributes to science in motor skills study

Video game ‘Guitar Hero’ is doing its part for science, with it being used in.

Now, a bus that doesn’t run if the driver is drunk

Buses in Britain would now be fitted with a breathalyser that would disable the vehicle.

Plants can be made powerhouses to fuel vehicles

A new study suggests that plants can be turned into powerhouses to fuel vehicles in.

Putin test drives Europe’s cheapest car

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin test drove Wednesday a new concept car called Lada Granta,

Diesel cars more fuel-efficient than hybrids

A new study has revealed that some diesel cars are giving the much-hyped hybrids a.

Now, road fuel to come from lunchtime menu!

Soon, millions of cars will be running on lunchtime favorites

Laser igniters to replace spark plugs

Laser igniters are set to revolutionise transportation by replacing spark plugs that have powered internal

Toyota to recall over 300,000 SUVs in US

The Toyota Motor Corp. has announced that it will recall about 308,000 SUVs in the.