Soon, laser igniters may replace spark plugs in car engines

Automakers are now one step closer to replace more than 150-year-old spark plugs with laser.

Amazing car paint that covers up scratches

Researchers have developed a car paint that smoothens any scratches or chips when placed under.

Brazil runs world’s longest bus on biofuel

A 28-metre-long bus, said to be the world’s biggest, has been put into service in.

Iranian students design solar-powered car

Students from an Iranian university have designed a car that runs entirely on solar energy

Battery research will give electric cars the same range as petrol ones

Danish experts have suggested that more research into batteries was needed to give electric cars.

One mn Toyota Prius hybrids sold in US

Toyota has announced that it has sold the one millionth Prius hybrid in the US,.

Mercedes-Benz recalls 136,000 cars in US

Over 136,000 Mercedes-Benz M-class SUVs are being recalled in the US over problems related to.

Mobile phone doubling up as laptop could dethrone iPad

A mobile phone doubling up as a laptop is being hailed as the gadget that.

New microwave method recycles used motor oil into fuel

UK researchers have developed a new method that could recycle waste crankcase oil into gasoline-like.

Super car made out of fruit fibres

Super strong yet light weight cars made from the fibres of pineapples and bananas could.