A battery-powered car that can speed up to 155mph, travel 186 miles!

Here’s a battery-powered car that is capable of reaching a top speed of 155 mph.

Sticky coating on car bodywork ‘could make them more resistant to impacts’

New experiments from Harvard University suggest that building a sticky substance into car bodywork could.

MP3 can cost you your car

Scientists have now warned that it”s not just your computer that”s at risk of malware—dodgy.

New, ‘smart’ solutions to drone out those annoying car noises

The droning of a car is just one of the annoying noises cars make but.

Soon, rocket powered Brit car to be tested for 1,000mph speed

The UK is soon to if a rocket powered British car can clock speeds of.

Land Rover introduces world’s first iPad-equipped car

Land Rover has taken the car industry”s association with Apple products to a whole new.

Air hybrid vehicles could halve fuel consumption in future

Researchers in Sweden are exploring air hybrid automobiles as possible alternatives to electric hybrid