Soon, ‘bromance’ app to help ‘lonely’ men bond with likeminded dudes

A new application, dubbed ‘bromance’, which will help likeminded ‘straight’ men to bond with each other and form a platonic friendship is all set to hit the markets.

Pegged as an application designed for the ‘dude that does’, Bromance is a location-based social networking device that will allow users post an activity to the app so that nearby users can respond and join.

“Let’s say all your friends are busy, and you really want to play basketball- you can actually put the event in our app, get other people nearby that want to play basketball, and start shooting hoops together,” the Daily Mail quoted Jordan Perry, one of the creators of the app, as telling The Huffington Post.

Like Grindr, a geosocial networking application for gays and bisexuals, the app has users post their favourite activities to their ‘brofiles’ as well as pictures that other users check out, which has prompted critics to tag ‘Bromance’ as a tool prime for closeted gay men.

However, the creators have denied the claim, labelling the criticism as clear examples of bias.

“Good for them, I guess, if their homophobia prevents them from wanting to meet other people in their area who could potentially be great friends,” co-creator Jeffrey Canty said to GOOD Lifestyle.

“To me it sounds like you aren’t comfortable with your sexuality.”

Aimed at men between the ages of 21 and 40, the app apparently has little organized bias and encourages straight and gay users to join.

It does not even stop at the typical gender qualifications of bromance, saying that women are welcome to join as well.

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“A girl can always be a bro,” Perry added.

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