Soon, online 3D mannequins to help you find the perfect fit

Shoppers who struggle to find the perfect fit can smile, as they will soon have online 3D mannequins coming to their aid.

Designers will soon be able to make sure that they tailor sizes to fit the majority of people by measuring garment designs against thousands of laser-scanned body shapes and then create a computer model to fit these sizes.

“Based on a few numbers you can’t get an accurate 3D shape that you can use,” New Scientist quoted Stefanie Wuhrer at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany, as saying.

Wuhrer and colleagues have developed a system that lets clothes manufacturers determine how many sizes of an item they will need by giving them relevant body measurements and the extent to which they can vary based on a database of over 5000 3D scans of body shapes.

Using all the relevant data, the system calculates what sizes a designer would need to please their target population.

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