Strange stone structures similar to Peru’s ‘Nazca Lines’ discovered in Middle East

Thousands of patterns, almost look-alike of Peru’s archaic Nazca Lines, have been found in the Middle East.

The lines represent a strange riddle, which was etched in the sands of Peru’s Nazca desert by indigenous groups.

Satellite and aerial photography showed mysterious stone ‘wheels’, which are more in number and older than the Nazca Lines in countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The wheels are said to be 2,000-year-old, but the reason behind building such structures is baffling archaeologists and historians.

“In Jordan alone we’ve got stone-built structures that are far more numerous than the Nazca Lines, far more extensive in the area that they cover, and far older,” the Daily Mail quoted David Kennedy, a professor of classics and ancient history at the University of Western Australia, as telling Live Science.

“People have probably walked over them, walked past them, for centuries, millennia, without having any clear idea what the shape was,” he added.

The findings will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal Of Archaeological Science.

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