Computational chemistry predicts toxic biofuels without producing a single drop

There are several ways to produce plant-based bio fuels, but some of the methods result.

Wrongly produced green biofuels can be harmful

Replacing petrol and diesel with plant-based biofuels may be crucial in curbing climate change but.

Now, cheap, efficient method to convert algae into renewable fuel

University of Arkansas researchers have developed a method for converting common algae into

US company claims it can ‘grow diesel’

A Massachusetts company, Joule Unlimited, has claimed that it can produce diesel using the same

Soon, liquid biofuels to be produced from brewery waste

Cornell scientists are hoping to use brewery waste to produce liquid biofuels and other useful.

Scientists making diesel with sun, water, CO2

Joule Unlimited, Inc., pioneer of Liquid Fuel from the Sun, today supported the high-productivity

Researchers create biodiesel from microalgae grown in wastewater

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are developing biodiesel from wastewater microalgae.

New yeast strain ‘cuts major drawbacks of biofuel production methods’

Scientists at the University of California University of Illinois, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Cornell to develop algal biofuels

Cornell scientists are playing a major role in a consortium of researchers led by Cellana,.

Cheap, high-yield ‘bio-oil’ could reduce reliance on fossil fuels

A team of University of Massachusetts Amherst chemical engineers has developed a way to produce.