World’s smallest goanna lizard discovered in Australia

The name of the new species is the ‘Dampier Peninsula Goanna’, so-called as this species.

New compound to kill cancer cells identified

A small molecule that resets the ‘biological clock’ of cancer cells can help shrink tumour.

‘Smart’ computer network matches primate brain qualities

A team of neuroscientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has

Researchers discovered 221 new species in 2014

In 2014, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added a whopping 221 new plant.

New Timelapse shows what earth looks like from the International Space Station

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a timelapse video taken by the ESA astronaut.

Top Science Breakthroughs of 2014: Comet landing tops the list

The landing of a rover on a comet by European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft tops.

Scientists make stem cell breakthrough

An Australian research team together with international scientists has discovered a new stem cell that.

Researchers find how sea anemones are so good at producing nerve cells

A research group at the Uni Research Sars Centre in Bergen, Norway, has revealed how.

Early humans’ rock art originated in Africa not Europe

Analysing ancient rock art across South-east Asia, researchers have found that the art originated with.

Researchers from Sweden Grow a Blood Vessel in a Week

The technology for creating new tissues from stem cells has taken a giant leap forward..