Novel X-ray method for better screening at airports

In a bad news for smugglers and terrorists, scientists have developed a method of using.

Concrete that never gets a crack!

Imagine a concrete building that never gets any cracks and stands erect for a lifetime

Coming, glasses as strong as steel

Imagine glasses that are strong as steel and can be used for producing hard, durable.

Tiny robot that performs surgery via belly button!

Imagine a tiny robot that can enter your body via small belly button precision, perform.

UAE forays into nuclear research as energy demand soars

With energy demand in the UAE growing at an annual rate of about 9 percent,.

Indian-origin scientist develops paper microscope

An Indian-American scientist Manu Prakash from Stanford University has developed an incredibly low-cost microscope made.

Biodegradable battery that dissolves inside the body

This is about a device that can monitor tissues or deliver treatments inside the body.