An app to delete inappropriate text messages

If you have sent some inappropriate text messages to your friend and want to

Twitter to recap missed tweets ‘while you are away’

Twitter has launched a new ‘while you were away’ service which recaps important tweets users.

Lying on Facebook leads to false memories

Do you fabricate your profile on Facebook to earn more likes? Remember that this habit.

Twitter Geolocalization
Your tweets can be useful for improving urban planning

The social network is a sensor of interactions between people and their environment

Data analytics could help fashion industry prosper

Analysing data from social media sites could one day help fashion designers better predict fashion.

North Korea internet suffers second outage

Internet and 3G mobile network of North Korea were paralysed again amid bickering between the.

iPhone to help you track your tweets

A new feature in Twitter’s iPhone app can find how many people are reading your.

First photo from selfie stick clicked in year 1926

A pianist for silent movies can safely be called the “father of selfie sticks” –.

Social media to help study e-cigarette habits

In an attempt to study the consumer habits and health effects of e-cigarette,

Seoul’s nuclear reactors hacker used Chinese IP addresses

A suspect in the hacking attacks on South Korean nuclear reactors used multiple IP addresses.