Nanomembranes could separate bacteria from drinking water

U.S. researchers have developed new nanomaterials that could help solve the age-old public health

Study may lead to next-gen nanoelectronic and spintronic devices

A new study from UCLA scientists promises to introduce new-generation nanoelectronic and spintronic

Microsponges from seaweed may help diagnose diseases quickly

A new study has found that microsponges derived from seaweed may help diagnose heart disease,

Scientists create DNA engine that can be observed in real-time

Scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Oxford have succeeded in creating a programable

Scientists discover new method to create atom-thin ‘nanosheets’

Researchers have discovered a new simple, fast, and inexpensive method of splitting layered materials to

Rust and sand could help detect cervical cancer, diarrhoea

Scientists in Vietnam say that the next big thing in medical diagnostics could be magnetic.

A new transistor: Thinner than silicon and better than graphene

Smaller and more energy-efficient electronic chips could be made using molybdenite. In an article

Growth-factor-containing nanoparticles speed up healing of chronic wounds

Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have developed a novel system for delivery of.

Fitting a biological nanopore into a man-made one, new ways to analyze DNA

Researchers at Delft University of Technology and Oxford University announce a new type of nanopore

New tool that can quickly identify dangerous viruses developed

A simple diagnostic tool has been developed by Boston University researchers to quickly identify