Synthetic muscles make nanobots effective

Powerful synthetic muscles fabricated by researchers will now impart cutting edge to medical nanobots for

Soon, computer that can rewire itself

Scientists at Northwestern University have developed a new nanomaterial that can “steer” electrical currents, which.

New artificial muscles move heavy loads with flexibility of elephant’s trunk

An international team of scientists and engineers have invented new artificial muscles that are strong.

Nanotech to pave way for safer breast implants

There is cheering news for victims of breast cancer who feel disfigured by the partial.

Soon, nanorockets to deliver drugs inside the body

German scientists have built nanorockets powered by a benign rocket fuel, which could one day.

Now, ‘smart’ windows that darken and lighten to save on heater, AC bills

South Korean scientists have developed a new type of “smart” window that turns dark when.

Coming soon: Fashionable E-garments with memory retention capacity

Integrating electronics into textiles will soon enable smart fabrics and wearable electronics, researchers say

Gold nanowires ‘could repair heart tissues better after attack’

A new study has shown that gold nanowires can engineer cardiac patches, with cells all.

Why carbon nanotubes cause cell death

Scientists have finally understood why carbon nanotubes spell trouble for cells, which may lead to.

Most efficient solar cell ever based on collodial-quatum-dots created

The most efficient solar cell ever made based on collodial-quatum-dots (CQD) has been created by.