Micro oxygen generators fight cancer faster

A tiny oxygen generating device could help kill cancer tissues faster by increasing the influence.

Candle flames ‘contain millions of tiny diamond nanoparticles’

Scottish scientists have claimed that candle flames contain millions of tiny diamond particles

‘Superman’ microscope can see nanoscale details without lenses

Physicists at UC San Diego have developed a new kind of X-ray microscope that can.

Now, a $1 credit card-sized chip that can accurately detect HIV within 15 min

Now, forget anxiously waiting for days to know whether you are HIV infected or not,.

Now, suitcase-sized device to detect anthrax

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a suitcase-sized device to detect anthrax, which normally requires.

Indian origin scientist designs nanosized batteries

A team led by an Indian origin scientist has packaged lithium ion batteries, which power.

Now, nano-sized drug transporter to fight cancer cells

Ohio State University scientists have developed a tiny drug transporter that maximizes its ability to.

‘Smart skin’ graphene coating can help harvest energy from flowing water

Researchers including one of Indian-origin have developed a new method to harvest energy from flowing.

New nanotechnology-based cancer therapy to revolutionize chemotherapy

Researchers of the University of Granada and Edimbourgh have developed a new cancer therapy based.

Soon, crystal ball may reveal terrorists’ threats

Scientists at Wake Forest University and Fisk University have partnered to develop crystals that can.