Camel blood may help fight against cancer

Soon, camels might help scientists in developing a novel gene therapy against cancer

Storing sun’s heat in rechargeable nanotubes batteries

Carbon nanotubes can be used to store solar energy, and be recharged by exposure to.

Soon, photosynthesis-inspired nanoantennas to harvest light!

To engineer a new generation of nanomaterials that control and direct the energy absorbed from.

Metamaterial with zero refraction could revolutionize telecommunications

Scientists have built optical nanostructures that enable them to engineer the index of refraction and.

New zinc-based laser tech to kill viruses, up DVD storage capacity

Scientists have discovered a new semiconductor nanowire laser technology that could kill viruses and increase.

One of earliest minerals formed in solar system found in Africa

A team of scientists has claimed the discovery of a new mineral krotite, one of.

‘Swiss cheese’ design ups thin film solar cells’ efficiency potential

Researchers have developed a bold new design modeled after “Swiss cheese” for thin film solar.

Nanoflowers may enable blind people to see again

Soon, a special nanoflower may help return the eyesight of people, like those suffering from.

Now, a cotton candy-like glass fiber to heal wounds!

Missouri University researchers have developed a revolutionary cottony glass material to take on hard-to-heal open.

MIT nanoparticle takes advantage of tumors’ acidity to peel layers away

A new type of drug-delivery nanoparticle developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hunts.