Novel nanowires to make fuel cells more durable and efficient

Engineers at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a new fuel.

Nano-based biosensor may allow early detection of cancer cells, pathogens

Kansas State University researchers are developing a nanotechnology-based biosensor that may allow early detection of.

iPod and other gadgets could soon be ”charged by pinch of the fingers’

Scientists are reporting the development of the first commercially viable nanogenerator, a flexible chip that.

Soon, ”green” cars made from pineapples, bananas!

Wondering what your next new car will be made of? Possibly from pineapples or bananas

Organic nanoparticle that uses sound, heat to treat tumors created

An organic nanoparticle that is completely non-toxic, biodegradable and nimble in the way it uses.

New 3-D nanostructure makes batteries charge quickly and retain capacity

Aside from quick-charge consumer electronics, batteries that can store a lot of energy, release it.

New anti-fog coating to prevent fog formation on eyeglasses

Scientists have come out with the very first permanent anti-fog coating, which could eliminate, once.

Breakthrough in nanocomposite for high-capacity hydrogen storage

Hydrogen has been touted as a promising alternative to fossil fuels since the 1970s due.

”Frozen smoke” paves way for improved robotic surgery, batteries

Researchers are designing less invasive surgical techniques and robots using a spongy material known as.

Nano tool inspired by silk moth antenna could aid Alzheimer’s research

The silk moth’s antenna has inspired researchers from the University of Michigan to develop a.