Strokefinder chalmers medfield
Australia to test breakthrough stroke treatment machine

Australia has been chosen as the first site in the world to test a portable.

Self-powered intelligent keyboard with new layer of security

“This intelligent keyboard changes the traditional way in which a keyboard is used for information.

Tweeting helps women cope with sexism

Publicly tweeting about sexism could improve well being of women as it has the potential.

Biomaterial coating
Biomaterial coating holds promise for medical implants

In a major breakthrough, researchers have created a novel, bacteria-repelling coating material that could increase.

DARPA robot
DARPA develops Robots to perform tasks by Watching youtube videos

Robots can learn to recognize objects and patterns fairly well, but to interpret and be.

Now, pack your apartment in a box!

Ever imagined your apartment being squeezed into a small box? This may become eminently possible

Full Wi-Fi coverage in top 20 Indian cities by 2015

At a time when the country is launching another round of spectrum auctions in February.

Sensory Substitution Devices (SSDs)
Tools enable the blind to ‘see’ via other senses

Using first-of-the-kind devices, Israeli scientists have mapped brains of the blind to solve how our.

smart glove
Smart gloves to help you control hand temperature

A graduate student from Loughborough University in Britain has launched innovative running gloves with built-in.

Facebook timeline
Here’s how people post life events on Facebook

With social networking sites becoming a part of our daily lives, people are sharing positive.