30 innovators receive DST-Lockheed Martin award

Thirty innovators received the DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) Award in 2015

New York museums officially ban selfie sticks

Can your selfie obsession cause public nuisance and damage to precious property?

Apple planning own search engine to trump Google?

There perhaps isn’t anything that a Google search cannot find, but all of us who.

A picture is worth many emotions too

Images on Twitter, Facebook or other social media can convey a lot more than a.

Google glass 2
Google Glass to be redesigned from scratch: Report

If you thought the eye-wearable device Google Glass is dead, think again! The new team.

Scandal-hit firms could perform better in the long run

Corporate scandals have no long-term negative impact on share prices and can even lead to.

Strokefinder chalmers medfield
Australia to test breakthrough stroke treatment machine

Australia has been chosen as the first site in the world to test a portable.

Self-powered intelligent keyboard with new layer of security

“This intelligent keyboard changes the traditional way in which a keyboard is used for information.

Tweeting helps women cope with sexism

Publicly tweeting about sexism could improve well being of women as it has the potential.

Biomaterial coating
Biomaterial coating holds promise for medical implants

In a major breakthrough, researchers have created a novel, bacteria-repelling coating material that could increase.