New material promises the thinnest-ever imaging device

Researchers from the Rice University in the US have developed atomically thin material that may

India to overtake US in smartphones by 2016

India will overtake the US as the second largest market for smartphones in the world.

China opposes cyber attacks

China is opposed to countries or individuals that launch cyber attacks on a third country.

Scientists Develop Coatings that conceal real objects

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University in the US have developed “illusion coatings” that

Disabled dog now runs on 3D braces

Three-dimensional printed braces have helped a disabled dog run like normal again.

A bullet that changes direction in mid-air

The US Department of Defense is testing a bullet that could change direction in mid-air.

4D printing to create shape changing structures

In a first, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have used a technology called four.

Smartphone that ‘self-destructs’ itself if tampered

Boeing and BlackBerry are reportedly developing a smartphone that will self-destruct itself if

Scientists reveal breakthrough in optical fibre communications

Researchers from University of Southampton have revealed a breakthrough in optical fibre communications.

A Facebook application knows if you are having a bad day and tells your teacher

Spanish scientists create algorithms to measure sentiment on social networks