Tweets can predict a TV show’s success

Twitter activity and data regarding TV programmes can help networks and ad agencies make superior

Twitter launches more video service features

Twitter has revealed more features about its native video service as part of its bigger.

Twitter to recap missed tweets ‘while you are away’

Twitter has launched a new ‘while you were away’ service which recaps important tweets users.

Lying on Facebook leads to false memories

Do you fabricate your profile on Facebook to earn more likes? Remember that this habit.

Twitter Geolocalization
Your tweets can be useful for improving urban planning

The social network is a sensor of interactions between people and their environment

Data analytics could help fashion industry prosper

Analysing data from social media sites could one day help fashion designers better predict fashion.

iPhone to help you track your tweets

A new feature in Twitter’s iPhone app can find how many people are reading your.

Social media to help study e-cigarette habits

In an attempt to study the consumer habits and health effects of e-cigarette,

A Facebook application knows if you are having a bad day and tells your teacher

Spanish scientists create algorithms to measure sentiment on social networks

Research Says Tweet Much to Gain Popularity is not a Good Strategy

The imbalanced structure of Twitter, where some users have many followers and the large majority.