New unhackable, waterproof smartphone

Engineers have developed a unique smartphone that is unhackable and built from a special metal.

Lock your kids’ smartphone if they ignore your call

Parents, please note. If your kids ignore your calls, use this app to lock their.

Car rental firm’s mobile app now triggers SOS message

An online car rental company Thursday added a safety feature to its mobile phone app.

‘Facebook at Work’ launched for final testing

The social networking site has launched “Facebook at Work”, a service that works like regular.

Click text and get it translated on Google app

For a faster real-time translation, Google has added some new features to its famous Translate.

Scientists reveal breakthrough in optical fibre communications

Researchers from University of Southampton have revealed a breakthrough in optical fibre communications.

App that helps you unplug without missing urgent matters

A new app is here to not only help identify your bad habits

Want high-speed selfies? Try Instagram app

If you have not tried Instagram’s new app for a high-speed selfie to woo your.

Now keep tab on kids’ use of smartphones with new app

Does excessive smartphone use by your kid keep you worried? Now a new app allows.

Strap a multi-function smartphone to your arm

You may soon have a wearable device that can offer you the benefits of a.