An app that lets you choose notifications on smartphone

The developers of Secret – the app that lets you share secrets anonymously with friends.

Xiaomi now world’s fifth largest smartphone maker

China’s Xiaomi has become the fifth largest smartphone maker in the world. The Chinese company.

Samsung to launch two new smartphones

Samsung Electronics will launch two new high-end smartphones in next six months

Smartphone catches fire under US girl’s pillow

In a bizarre accident, a 13-year-old girl found her Samsung Galaxy S4 burnt and melted.

Do you customise smartphone to make friends jealous?

Do you love to customise your smartphone more often as you are more worried about.

Smartphone app to save kids with heart conditions

A new smartphone app being tested at St Louis Children’s Hospital in the US is.

Now, sand-based batteries to power your phone!

Believe it or not, using sand as the key material, researchers have created a lithium.

Smartphone breaks boost productivity

If you are looking to boost productivity as well as overall well-being of your employees

Half of US can’t live a day without smartphones

If your kid cannot get away from smartphone even while having dinner or watching TV,.

Your smartphone’s display glass to get smarter

The display screen of your smartphone will soon not just be a pretty face. Researchers.