Volkswagen set to reveal zero emission one-seater electric car

Despite being aware of the failures to introduce single-seater cars in the past, Volkswagen is planning to unveil its own version of one, with the potential for zero emissions, in next month’s Frankfurt auto show.

The manufacturer of the electronic car claims it will generate no carbon dioxide as it hums through city streets.

They, however, admit that the car will have limited uses and would be unsuitable for motorway journeys.

VW has remained tight-lipped about what the car looks like, how fast it will go and how much it will cost.

The German carmaker plans to offer a ‘full-service package’ to customers by selling them power from renewable sources with their electronic car.

It hopes the car will be popular with drivers keen on reducing their carbon footprint. The vehicle will release no harmful emissions if powered by the renewable energy provided, VW claims.

“It”s a new kind of mobility, a new vehicle concept,” the Daily Mail quoted Jurgen Leohold, head of research at VW, as saying.

“Also, it’s physics. If you limit a car to one person, you can make it smaller with less weight. You need less energy to transport the person, and then it can be better on CO2 and fuel efficiency,” he added.

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