World’s heaviest insect weighs 3 times more than mouse!

A giant insect, which weighs three times more than a mouse and eats carrots, has been recorded as the heaviest insect in the world.

A nature-lover Mark Moffett from Colorado, America, revealed that he spent two days tracking down the giant weta on a remote island in New Zealand, and got it to eat a carrot out of his hand.

Moffett’s finding makes it the world’s biggest insect in terms of weight, which at 71g is heavier than a sparrow and three times that of a mouse.

The 53-year-old former park ranger discovered the giant weta up a tree and has now been declared the largest ever found.

The cricket-like creature has a wing span of seven inches and is only found on Little Barrier Island, in New Zealand, the Daily Mail reported.

There are 70 other types of smaller weta found throughout the country.

The giants of the species were wiped off the mainland by rats accidentally introduced by Europeans.

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